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Review: Fortix - PC

by Steven Williamson on 26 April 2010, 15:47

Tags: PC, Puzzle

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Collect catapults and power-ups to besiege the fortresses and take on dragons

Reviewer - Snooty Jim
Remember Qix? I don't – I was still a long way from being born back in 1981. Even so, I've played many clones over the years, under various guises – and here I am again today, doing exactly the same thing with Fortix.

The basic premise, if you're not familiar with either game, is that there's a large area owned by the enemy which you need to take control of. You draw lines across the screen to dissect their territory, and the smaller portion becomes yours. Naturally though, Fortix has aimed to build on that – releasing a 30-year old game with some fresh graphics isn't going to win many plaudits. Here, instead of the traditional threat of bouncing balls, you're subject to a variety of enemies.

Dragons are initially fairly harmless, aimlessly wandering the map, but later on more dangerous variants appear – the elusive “rail dragon” travels along the traditionally safe edges of the territory, the “homing dragon” chases you whenever you create a dissecting line, and the “homing dragon of fiery death” also gives chase like a demented sheepdog and spits fireballs for added fun. Then you get the mysterious “dozy towers of potential death” – about ten minutes after you begin a dissecting line, its operator will wake up, jump around excitedly, and hurl a cannonball at you and your work-in-progress line. Surprisingly, none of these are good news.

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