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Review: Agon: Lost Sword of Toledo - PC

by Steven Williamson on 21 February 2008, 09:08

Tags: Agon:The Lost sword of Toledo for PC, Kalypso Media, Action/Adventure

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Does this peaceful atmosphere conceal some dark secrets?

As a videogame reviewer I usually undertake some background research into the game I’m reviewing before I put pen to paper, especially if it’s a title which has been part of a series that I’m not overly familiar with.

This helps me to see the how the game has evolved over time and grants me with sufficient knowledge to be able to deliver a balanced appraisal of the latest title.

During the research process, it’s not often that a game confuses the hell out of me before I’ve even started playing it. The puzzle-based point-and-click adventure Agon: Lost Sword of Toledo, however, falls firmly into that category.

The game itself is perfectly palpable, once you begin to play it, but the first puzzle I encountered wasn’t trying to decipher a mysterious code or piece together a clue from a elaborately written letter, it was merely trying to understand exactly how we’ve arrived at this latest game in the Agon adventure series.

Read on for a comprehensive game review of Agon: Lost Sword of Toledo.