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Review: ROCCAT Kone[+] – Max Customization Gaming Mouse ‎

by Steven Williamson on 4 November 2010, 16:26 5.0

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Evolution of the Kone

Having previously reviewed ROCCAT’s first ever gaming mouse, the ROCCAT Kone, and been bowled over by its performance and slick design, we were keen to see how the new revision, the ROCCAT Kone compares. The '+' sign that proceeds the name signals that ROCCAT’s latest gaming mouse has some added features over its predecessor, which is also reflected in its slightly higher recommended retail price of £69.99. The Kone + is an evolution of the Kone mouse, with enhancements made based on community feedback. After spending time in its company, it's hard to imagine that ROCCAT is a relative newcomer to the gaming scene. Such is the Kone+'s wealth of features, solid performance and impressive design you’d think that the Finnish manufacturer had been creating gaming mice for many years.

• 6000DPI Pro-aim laser sensor
• EasyShift[+] button duplicator
• 4-LED Multicolor light system
• TDCU - Tracking & Distance Control Unit
• ROCCAT Drive with Macro Manager
• 4 easy to clip in weights

• Pro-Aim Laser Sensor R2 with up to 6000dpi
• 1000Hz polling rate
• 1ms response time
• 11750fps, 10.5megapixel
• 30G acceleration
• 3.8-5m/s (150-200ips)
• 16-bit data channel
• Tracking & Distance Control Unit
• 72MHz TurboCore processor
• 576kB onboard memory
• 2m USB cable

The Kone + is impressively packaged in a sturdy box that sports the distinctive blue, white and black ROCCAT branding and a large Perspex window which displays the mouse clearly. On the front of the box it displays the four major features that ROCCAT are keen to let you know about, namely the 6000dpi Pro-aim laser sensor, EasyShift[+] button duplicator, 4-LED Multicolor light system and TDCU - Tracking & Distance Control Unit. The back of the box holds more information about the features of the Kone + and it’s a nice touch that you can open the magnetic lock on the front of the box to gain a closer look and feel of the Kone + before you buy, as well as reading about more of the features of this feature-heavy mouse. The Kone +, in its plastic casing, slides out of the bottom of the box with little effort. For your money’s worth, you get: the Kone +, a small envelope containing the installation guide, an ID card so you can sign up on the official ROCCAT website, a Driver CD a nd 4 x 5g weights packaged in very small plastic box.

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