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SteelSeries Xai Gaming Mouse Review

by Matty Hodgson on 3 May 2010, 11:54 5.0

Tags: SteelSeries, PC

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Packaging and Introduction

Steelseries claims this to be the best mouse on the market, with class leading tech and ultimate comfort; let’s see if these claims hold any truth.


The packaging of this mouse is very good; it’s made of very rigid cardboard with a small plastic insert to hold the mouse in open view. SteelSeries also uses a really nice colour scheme for its packaging, going with a dark grey background and orange and white labelling, looks lovely in my opinion.

The box, being as rigid as it is, gives the mouse good protection while it’s being transported from place to place.

XAI Packaging

The packaging also features a lot of information about the mouse, all organised very well down the front of the box, and to the back there’s even more in-depth descriptions about features.