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Facebreaker - Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 10 July 2008, 13:57

Tags: Facebreaker, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Sports

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Jaw-crunching arcade fighting

Famed for its Fight Night franchise, EA is currently in the process of developing another boxing title which they hope will exploit a gap in the market of light-hearted boxing games.

Facebreaker isn’t a serious boxing simulation, but a fast-paced arcade fighter that leans more toward the style of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing than EA’s other boxing franchise. Developed under the label of EA’s new ‘FreeStyle’ sub-brand the aim here it says was to create a “lighter gaming experience and an easier entry point into EA Sports.”

EA has stepped away from the creation of realistic looking boxers and has opted instead for an artistic cartoon-styled approach to the character models, which has in turn allowed them to push the visual boundaries of what we normally see in other boxing games. The real-time facial deformation feature in Facebreaker will literally allow you break the face of your opponents, smash and bend them out of shape, whilst moulding their torsos around your boxing gloves as you pummel them mercilessly around the ring.

They’ll be no need for training rituals in-between fights or the assigning of points to various skills to improve your fighter, Facebreaker will instead feature a no-nonsense ‘Brawl for it All’ extreme boxing tournament in which you’ll simply have to box your way past 12 colourful characters, right up until you face the “secret” big boss.

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Light and heavy attack moves will be mixed in with blocks, parries, signature moves and combos. Fill up your combo metre to maximum and you’ll be able to unleash three powerful moves: the Groundbreaker, SkyBreaker and the Bonebreaker. The hard-hitting names speak for themselves, but you can imagine that Skybreaker will literally see you smashing your opponent high into the air, Groundbreaker sees you unleashing a powerful blow whilst your opponent lies helplessly on the ground, and bone breaker, well, that speaks for itself.

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