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Three new games from Codemasters on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

by Steven Williamson on 19 April 2007, 10:10

Tags: Codemasters

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Including Operation Flashpoint 2

Codemasters has confirmed three new titles set to appear on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. First up is Operation Flashpoint 2, which was originally announced way back in 2003.

An important part of the main campaign will focus on events from the Vietnam war in late 60s, when US forces in South Vietnam numbered over half a million. Other missions will include numerous fictional conflicts based upon authentic events during the years around 1970. Players will be able to command a squad, drive military vehicles, or take to the air in authentic 'copters and planes. Weapons and military and civilian mobile units are also being accurately modelled from period military data.

Next up, is Rise of the Argonauts which will be set against the backdrop of Ancient Greece and, yes, it will feature Jason, one of the heroes of Greek Mythology. There are no more details on the title, apart from the fact that it will be developed by Liquid entertainment, who were recently behind Buena Vista Game's Desperate Housewives: The Game.

The final game will be Race Driver One, which is being billed as the 'ultimate racing simulation' and will utilise the NEON engine, which makes its debut in the fantastic looking Colin Mcrae: Dirt.

We should have more details on each of these games later today. Check back for details.

Source :: Games Radar

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