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Ritual plan Sin Episodes for Xbox 360 and PS3

by Steven Williamson on 24 May 2006, 11:33

Tags: Strategy

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Sin Episodes

In an interview with Aint It Cool News, Tom Mustaine, VP of Development at Ritual Entertainment, talks about Sin Episodes and the potential of bringing the game to next gen consoles.

There are currently 9 episodes planned for the game whith each one having its own hero. The first game in the series, SiN Episode 1: Emergence, is currently available for the PC, expands on the role of Colonel John R. Blade and features never before seen weapons, characters, and environments.

This first person shooter is also powered by Valve's award-winning Source technology, and boasts a revolutionary dynamic difficulty system that provides a custom experience based on your skill level and play style.

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When asked about the possibility of Sin Episodes appearing on PS3 and Xbox 360 he said, "We're gunna do a 360 version at some point in the future. We haven't finalized those plans yet so I haven't really announced it yet. But we will be doing it. We also are hoping to be doing a Playstation 3 version as well. We were looking at Marketplace for the 360 because episodic on Marketplace would make a lot of sense."

Unfortunately they couldn't pin him down to an exact date, but at least we know it's now in the planning.

Read the full interview : Aint it Cool news

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ginger bunches on my 26" hdtv? tempting…
ginger bunches on my 26" hdtv? tempting…

I can recommend many a DVD that would satisfy that requirement :eek: