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Silent Hill Downpour - It's raining screenshots

by Steven Williamson on 27 January 2011, 14:15

Tags: Konami (TYO:9766), Action/Adventure

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A downpour of spooky screenshots

Konami has released the first shots of the next iteration of its hugely popular horror series, Silent Hill: Downpour. The asset issue marks the first confirmation of the new game’s titlex, while Konami has also announced that acclaimed composer, Daniel Licht (Dexter), is producing the game’s eerie soundtrack

Silent Hill: Downpour brings a completely original storyline which follows Murphy Pendleton, a convict stranded in the foggy, malevolent world of Silent Hill. Pendleton begins the game lost and alone in the woods on the outskirts of the fabled town, when his prison transport bus crashes...

What happens after this is up to the player, as Silent Hill: Downpour reveals a new, expansive environment that is similarly claustrophobic and where the player is never truly alone. The new assets offer a sneak preview of the town and two new areas: The Diner and The Devil’s Pit.

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