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Playstation brawler series Tekken blasts onto Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 9 October 2008, 10:20

Tags: Tekken 6 (Xbox 360), Namco (TYO:7832), Xbox 360, PS3, Beat 'em up

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During Microsoft's keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show, John Schappert, corporate vice president of Live, showcased a number of upcoming titles for Xbox 360, revealing that the Tekken franchise will be coming to Xbox 360 for the first time!

Amongst the game trailers on show were Square Enix's role-playing game, The Last Remnant; Ninety-Nine Nights II; Resident Evil 5 and Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

The biggest announcement however was that Tekken 6, which was widely believed to be a PS3 exclusive, will be going multiplatform and will be available on Xbox 360 next year. This will be the first time that Namco Bandai's Tekken series has appeared on a non-Sony platform.

Other Microsoft news from the show confirms that the New Xbox Experience will launch on November 17th. We can also look forward to seven new Xbox live arcade games and the new standalone expansion to Halo 3, Halo Recon.

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lol alot of ps3 fanboys will be crying indeed. doesnt bother me as im not a fanboy and i never really got into tekken.

i wont be surpised of GT5 comes out on the 360
Sweet, I'll be getting this. Tekken was my entry to the beat em up genre :) Happy memories of beating Tekken Tag Tournament in an arcade :)
i wont be surpised of GT5 comes out on the 360

As far as im aware Sony own the studio that produce GT so I cant see that happening
I could never get my head around the 3D aspect, always preferred the old Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat style games. I'm sure I'll give this one a go.

Trouble with fighting games today is the online aspect. At home or with mates I feel fairly confident of winning a few fights. Go on Xbox Live and I get destroyed by everyone.

I remember that with Dead or Alive, it was depressing getting beat all the time and resorting to a mad button mash.