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Nintendo won't drop Wii price to combat Xbox 360 and PS3 cuts, say analysts

by Steven Williamson on 1 October 2008, 10:37

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Analysts believe that Nintendo will combat the Xbox 360 and PS3 price cuts made by Microsoft and Sony by announcing a number of new accessories later this week, in addition to a Nintendo DS revision.

Although it hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo, it is firmly believed that a new DS model will be announced this week at a media and investors meeting in Japan and will be released in the territory before Christmas. The new DS revision will come equipped with a camera, allow users to play music and feature 'advanced wireless functionality.'

Although Nintendo hasn't officially revealed the final details, it's rumoured that the new model will be even slimmer than the DS lite and that the camera will be compatible with some Nintendo DS games. Currently, there's also no word on how Nintendo plans for us to store our musical content on the handheld.

Meanwhile, various Japanese-based analysts predict that Nintendo won't drop the price of Wii to compete with Microsoft and Sony, but instead will look at broadening the range of accessories, such as the Wii board.

"Nintendo has no need to cut the Wii's price,'' said Takashi Oka, a senior analyst at CSK Institute for Sustainability, a Tokyo-based research firm. "If Nintendo cuts prices now, people who already bought the Wii will feel they've lost money. Nintendo won't do such a thing.''

Naoki Fujiwara, who, according to Bloomberg, oversees about $720 million as chief fund manager at Tokyo- based Shinkin Asset Management Co, believes that its the quality of the games that will see Nintendo achieve its forecast of selling 30.5 million DS players and 26 million Wii units before the end of the financial year on March 31, 2009.

"Chances are Nintendo will introduce home-made game titles such as a new version of the Wii Sports,'' he commented. "There are slight expectations Nintendo will bring out the latest episode of Dragon Quest for the DS. If it happens, it would have a big impact.''

Source :: Bloomberg

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Of course they don't need to

People will pay £300 or so for one coming up to Christmas :rolleyes:
they can have mine in that case ;)

most dissapointing console i have ever owned. And i loved my snes n64 and gamecube.
Well whether they want to drop them or not they will be since the Sainsbury's £150 deal!
Well whether they want to drop them or not they will be since the Sainsbury's £150 deal!

Nintendo haven't dropped the price

Sainsburys did, otherwise EVERYONE will be selling them for £150, and sainsburys will have limited stock, so when it's finished the price will return
If the price does not drop the bundle quality wil increase, they are still good value for money but if I had neither a 360 or a Wii I would choose the 360 (maybe not if I had kids) so I guess the sales are not going to slow particularly much.

I feel a price drop should be on the cards even if they do not agree.
Having a Wii at a similar price point to the DS would probably not do their market share as many favours as a clear difference but who knows if this is part of their thought process.
As finlay666 noted, people will still pay.