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New Wolfenstein set for E3 debut?

by Steven Williamson on 14 July 2008, 11:32

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Originally unveiled in 2005, it's now looking increasing likely that the next installment in the action-packed Wolfenstein series will debut at E3 this week.

Up until this point, all we knew about the unnamed new Wolfenstein title was that we'd be once again situated deep behind the enemy lines of a war-torn Germany and that Id Software were creating a 'revolutionary' new graphics technology targeted specifically at next generation hardware.

Now however, ahead of what we think will be the game's unveiling at E3 this week, comes a handful of new details.

A subscriber of Game Informer has listed a few tidbits of information on the NeoGaf forums:

Takes place in WWII against Nazi's fully dabbling in the occult
- BJ (the hero) will also make use of supernatural powers.
- Game gives you a city in which the game takes place. Missions and quests take you through different parts. As you complete quests, more of the city opens up. Kind of a non-linear path.
- Set piece and randomly generated activity block your path.
- There is an AI resistance force that will assist you during the game at times.
- You will also enter "The Shroud", an alternate reality version of the city. A dimension in which the Nazi's are drawing power from.

Now that the first crumbs of information have landed, we'd expect that they'll be a big unveil of the action shooter at E3 this week. There are also some screenshots that only subscribers can view, but we're expecting them to turn up elsewhere online very shortly.

We'll be covering E3 in depth this week, so we'll keep you posted. Sounds like it's going to be an exciting week!

Source :: Neo Gaf

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