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World In Conflict on Xbox360 - no cross platform multiplayer

by Nick Haywood on 1 February 2008, 13:10

Tags: World in Conflict, Vivendi Universal Interactive (NYSE:VIV), PC, Strategy

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Joypad gamers are happy, apparently

In an interview with HEXUS.tv, Massive Entertainment's Emma Jones, Community Manager, confirmed that there will be no cross-platform multiplayer in World In Conflict.

World In Conflict developers, Massive, looked at making the game cross-platform against Windows Live PC players, but decided that there was a distinct advantage for PC gamers using a mouse and keyboard versus console players with a joypad. Seeing as World In Conflict multiplayer matches can get pretty frantic, Massive feel that Xbox 360 players would suffer.

Over on the Massgate Forums a lot of fans have been asking about the feature and now we all know, WiC for PC stays just for PC multiplayer as the Xbox 360 version will just be for Xbox 360 multiplayer.

Emma wouldn't be drawn on how the development of WiC for the Xbox 360 was coming along and neither would she comment on any WiC expansions for the PC or even whether we'll be seeing a World In Conflict 2 any time soon.

Check out HEXUS.tv soon for the full interview.

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