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PSP Slim priced - European launch before Japan

by Steven Williamson on 20 July 2007, 12:21

Tags: PlayStation Portable, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PSP

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The new style PSP, which will be 19 percent slimmer, 33 percent lighter and will boast faster UMD loading times as well as a new video-out port, is launching in Japan on September 20th, but Sony Europe president David Reeves has confirmed that the new model will be available in Europe before the Japanese launch date.

Reeves has told MCV that the new handheld will be priced at EUR169 (£115) and will be available in three different colours, Ceramic White, Piano Black and Ice Silver.

"This is an important new model," said Reeves, speaking to trade publication MCV. "Once people get it into their hands they will feel the difference. It will come out at EUR 169 (£115) in all PAL territories at the beginning of September."

A firm launch date is expected to be announced shortly.

You can read all the details and specifications of the PSP Slim: view link here

Source :: MCV

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Its like a token effort for Europe. Have a revised product first and then you never need complain again, I can see them using this in a statment about late Europe releases in future.
So we get the revised model first and it's a “token effort”, but if they do anything else they're “screwing the Europeans again”…

They can't win really can they?
The nicest gesture the company could make would be the harmonisation of pricing with Non-pal regions where it will certainly be cheaper or it simply won't sell..
Never found the size of my PSP a problem , the total lack of a decent game to play on it is though
seriously thinking of trading my old PSP in for one of these, as I find the D-Pad on the old one useless (and awkwardly placed)