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Sony hone in on the educational sector with the PSP

by Steven Williamson on 29 March 2007, 11:51

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Sony may be in line for a massive payout from the educational sector if a new scheme to teach children using their PlayStation Portable games machine is a success.

Teachers at HolyHead Secondary School in Birmingham have been taking lessons on how to use the hand-held in preparation for tailor-made lessons in French, History and Geography.

"It's not about using the console for games, but it does have a lot of exciting potential for learning opportunities," said Headteacher, Martin Bayliss.

Pupils may be disappointed to learn that there won't be any lessons that involve playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as the school will be taking steps to ensure that only commercial, educational software is used on the PSP,

According to Mr Bayliss, "simulations were being carried out in key subjects, with teachers learning how to create podcasts, download pictures and videos, upload students' work and help students with particular learning needs.

If the Playstation pilot is a success then Sony may see their PSP being used at schools up and down the country.

Source :: BBC News

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nah. something pda-like with a touch screen is whats needed at the very least.
Well, the PSP ought to fit the bill - personally, I think a touch screen's a red herring, given the savagery displayed by the average youth toward anything sensitive and electronic, and the screen on the PSP's a bit better than the common run of PDAs.
Another education system gimmick. Whats needed is liek madduck says is like a PDA device, at the very least but really they need tablet PCs or just laptops.

Its a gimmick because what possible application could a PSP have, I know you could put different programs on etc but still its very limited in scope for such an expensive device.

Headteacher Martin Bayliss: was MD OF TABS LIMITED, a company which operated Best Training Centres in Salisbury, Southampton and Portsmouth. All now closed. Nice record for a head teacher.
It's about £140 for the base pack including VAT from Dixons. Now, if the education sector is buying in bulk, it won't be VAT-able, so knock £20 off that, then think about the amount of discount they'd get on the units. If it came in at anything more than £100 per unit, I'd be VERY surprised. It'd be easier to control than a PDA or laptop; place a lock in the firmware so that it'll only run approved disks. OK, software'd have to be developed to fit the national curriculum, but I'd bet pounds to peanuts that there's already a lot there capable of being adapted. It already has WLAN built in, so better than the cheap end PDAs. Personally, I think it COULD prove an absolute winner.

edit: A quick Dabs hunt shows the cheapest WIFI equipped PDA they list as the Palm PDA TX Handheld - and that comes in at over £182 ex VAT, although I think the closest to what they'd want'd be the Nokia 770 internet tablet, and that's coming in at a princely £192.86 ex VAT. Bit of a difference. They do the N800 as well, but that's over £250 ex VAT.
PSP for education purposes? What?

As has been suggested a PDA is a *much* better idea..the PSP isn't exactly tough either you know..and PDAs can easily be ruggedised with cases etc - all for less than a PSP if yuo go for a mid-ranged PDA and buy in bulk (both what an education authority would do)..

Just can't see the point in this unless Sony are giving the PSPs away for free..