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Listen to the PSP through your car speakers

by Steven Williamson on 13 March 2006, 19:22

Tags: PlayStation Portable, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PSP

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No need to feel left out

HEXUS.CEBIT There are so many new PSP accessories coming out this year, including this soon to be released gadget from Sondata which plugs into the lighter socket in your car.

There are just three controls on the front, the power button and two volume controls. One lead plugs into your PSP, whilst the other plugs into the input socket on your car stereo, if you have one of course!

This accessory enables you to listen to music or movies on your PSP through your car speakers, quite off-putting for the driver if a passenger is playing games, but great if their watching a movie!

This accessory was a prototype, due for release later this year.

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Hows it innovative ? - Its just a 3.5mm jack to a 3.5mm jack with a power adaptor from the ciggy lighter :D
You can already get the power things for a few quid off the high-street. A jack lead will cost even less :)
but those devices wouldnt say ‘psp’ on them :O

waste of time imo - and illegal too.