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Sony demystifies PlayStation Plus

by Sarah Griffiths on 25 June 2010, 12:59

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Game on in the cloud area

After an ambiguous launch at E3, Sony has detailed what subscribers can expect from the Playstation Plus premium version of its Playstation Network cloud service ahead of its launch next week.

PlayStation's official blog had been bombarded with questions from console fans, eager to find out what a $49.99 annual subscription to the new service, to be launched on 29 June, will offer them. 

At E3, Sony promised the paid addition to the PlayStation Network will host beta demos plus premium content, with a three month subscription for $17.99 and the first three months of the service free for annual subscribers, to entice gamers into its fold.

According to the official blog, PlayStation Plus subscribers will enjoy free monthly PlayStation network games such as WipEout HD, plus minis and PS One Classics with the option to download favourites for keeps, so long as the user is a subscriber to PlayStation Plus.  They will also be able to watch monthly episodes of Qore, PlayStation's HD interactive gaming show.

Each month the service will also offer members downloadable full games to try for a period of time, usually one hour, enabling users to test a full game experience before choosing whether to buy it.  Members can also use an automatic update service to check their console is in tip top condition and download new games remotely.

Exclusive monthly PlayStation Store discounts form part of the package ranging from 20% to 50% off titles.  Sony claims "subscribers will get hundreds of dollars of value through the year," as part of the subscription.

The new features will function as a paid add-on to the PlayStation Network, which is estimated to have a staggering 50 million registered users worldwide.   Sony promises the network will remain free and will not be pared back to encourage people to sign up to PlayStation Plus.

In another boost to its cloud set-up, Sony is reportedly close striking a deal with Hulu for PlayStation Network.

Sources told Bloomberg the deal with the TV website could be finalised next week, giving gamers registered on the PlayStation Network paid-for access to TV programmes on the on-demand video hosting site.  The deal would also boost Hulu's paid subscription members. 

Hulu is also thought to be in ongoing talks with Microsoft to put its $9.95 monthly subscription device on the company's popular Xbox 360 console.


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What about people that don't want “hundreds of dollars of value through the year,” ?
I imagine they wouldn't buy it.

Not really with you at the moment.
I just hope the free service will remain and IF you want the “extras” then you will need to pay.

With time Sony will phase out almost everything that belongs to free side and we'll have to pay anyway…

Brutal reality these days..
Ah, I see. I doubt they would to be honest - it's a nice point scoring opportunity vs the Xbox at the moment, but you never know.

Maybe with the PS4 everything will change though.

Personally, I only use my console online about once every 3 months, so there's no way I'd ever pay a free for the privilege.
The official PS Euro blog gave a run-down of what the UK will get, which I think is probably more relevant.