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Capcom back catalogue coming to PSN

by Steven Williamson on 31 December 2008, 10:04

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Capcom's head of digital marketing, John Diamonon, has revealed that the company will bring a whole host of downloadable PSP and PSone titles to the Playstation Network in 2009.

Amongst Capcom's PSone games are a trio of Resident Evil titles, the Mega Man series, the Dino Crisis and Darkstalker series and a number of Street Fighter games. Capcom has yet to reveal which of its titles will be made available.

Speaking to the official Playstation blog, Diamonon also spoke about a top secret game that Capcom plan to announce in the New Year.

"Oh yeah, there's also a big (sentence deleted by Capcom)... Can you believe it? Wow, how can you not be excited about that? I'm just glad that I was finally able to talk about it. It's been a long time coming but I'm ecstatic that it's actually going to happen."

His enthusiasm suggests that it will be a game from an existing franchise. We can rule out Resident Evil as we already know that is coming. How about Devil May Cry 5? Lost Planet 2, perhaps? Anything but another Street Fighter game, please.

No doubt we'll hear more early next year.

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I think Capcom should release some of the old arcade titles. There was a Capcom Arcade classics disc I remember buying for the PSX. Each disk had a set time period or was a full collection in the series of games. I remember one disc was the 1942 collection and another disc was Ghosts and Goblins collection.

I would love to see things lke Black Tiger, Strider, Tiger Road and the origional Bionic Commando seeing the light of day again on the consoles.

You can get a few arcade classics on Gametap but nothing overly great except the mentioned Black Tiger.
They need to release Dreamcast classic, Powerstone :D
Are those gonna be FREE?
Back catalogue? Gives us Street Fighter HD Remix!!!

And no they won't be free.