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PSP firmware update v3.95 due for release shortly

by Steven Williamson on 8 April 2008, 12:52

Tags: PlayStation Portable, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PSP

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v4.0 will be the biggie

According to Playstation blog, the latest PSP firmware update v3.95 should be with us shortly, adding two new features to the hand-held.

The two features are:

1. While playing PSone games on your PSP, you can now customize how the buttons are assigned by going to [Controller Settings] > [Assign Buttons] and select [Custom].

2. You can now quit Remote Play and choose to turn off your PS3 or leave it on after quitting. This is useful if you are performing a download and want to quit Remote Play, but still want your download to continue on the PS3. Select [Quit and Turn Off the PS3 System] or [Quit Without Turning Off the PS3 System] from [Quit Remote Play] when you press the HOME button on the PSP system

Can't you already quit remote play while leaving your PS3 on?

Whatever the case, there's little get excited about there, but firmware update v4.0 will be the big one, which should add a host of new features.

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those are barely decent features, I know one in 5 people who have a psp have a ps3, even less do the remote play