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Ubiday Live 07 - Haze, the FPS on drugs, showcased for Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 23 May 2007, 10:12

Tags: Haze, PS3, Action/Adventure

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FPS on drugs

OVer at Ubiday in Paris, Ubisoft has revealed some more details on their upcoming first person shooter, Haze. From the developers of the Timesplitter series, Haze is set in 2025 at a time when Mantel Global Industries' have a stranglehold on the world's industries and people, controlling their every move.

You take the role Jake Carpenter, a soldier in Mantel's private security force and it's your job to keep the peace. In this world soldiers rely on Nectar, a cocktail of drugs which gives you enhanced vision, strength and speed, allowing to perform better on the battlefield.

After watching a trailer of the game, it's clear to see that Nectar isn't all what it seems, but can lead to a devestating side effect,affecting the soldiers mental health. This was demonstrated by Jake Carpenter having disturbing flashbacks. Will Jake turn against the people who employ him when he discovers what Nectar is really all about? It's looking very likely.

The trailer that was shown at Ubiday was still the old trailer from June 2006, when Jake is choppered into a South American Jungle (the graphics were described as a cross between Far Cry and Crysis) and there was still no release date mentioned.

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