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Ignition and Indian Entertainment giant create WarDevil for PS3

by Steven Williamson on 23 April 2007, 09:03

Tags: Digi Guys WarDevil for Xbox 360, Action/Adventure

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Bridging the gap between two mediums

Ignition Entertainment Ltd has completed its 70% controlling share acquisition by Indian entertainment giant, UTV Software Communication. The closing was effective as of 12th March 2007. Ignition is currently in negotiations with a number of leading development teams across all formats with an objective to bolster its release schedule for 2007/08 and elevate the company’s prominence within the gaming sector.

"This transition marks the beginning of an aggressive plan for Ignition Entertainment’s future and we will soon be announcing new products for the upcoming year, along with further details of our first PS3 title, Wardevil. We are also actively seeking new product to ensure continued growth and focus for the company," said Vijay Chadha, CEO and co-founder of Ignition Entertainment Ltd. "UTV Software has vast expertise in the movie and entertainment industry which will provide greater potential to our development and publishing partners as we ensure their titles reach the biggest audience possible.

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The synergy of incoming expertise with UTV presents Ignition Entertainment with many opportunities within the movie and entertainment arena where UTV specialise and is a leading exponent. Investigating possibilities in securing original content will also be undertaken.

"This fiscal year will see Ignition Entertainment sourcing next gen titles with premier development teams, as well as actively chasing original and key intellectual properties in our endeavour to ensure we position ourselves as a company that releases cutting edge and exciting games,”"said Ronald D’Mello, COO of UTV Software. "We are currently in a period of rapid growth, and looking for partnerships with development teams that share our vision."

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Throughout 2007/08 many changes will be seen within the Ignition Entertainment infrastructure with a re-emphasis on releasing original IPs and licenses across a number of formats.

Formed in April 2002, Ignition Entertainment has offices in the USA, UK and Japan. The company has a rich history and has sourced and successfully released innovative titles, as well as building alliances to publish titles in a number of territories. Ignition has successfully created its own series of Mercury titles, which will see the culmination this May/June with the acclaimed and eagerly anticipated Mercury Meltdown Revolution for the Nintendo Wii home video game system.

Digi-Guys are a wholly owned subsidiary of Ignition – with its roots in both Videogames & High End CGI, Post-Production & VFX for movies. Based in it’s own high-end facility inside the world famous Ealing Studios (London, UK), the studio’s remit is to push far beyond the confines of conventional ‘next-gen’ thinking and produce unique, innovative and platform leading Videogames & Digital content across all media, utilising a broad spectrum of Games & Movie CG experience.

WarDevil on PS3 is the first of these projects and it represents a cornerstone of the new type of media-rich synergies that are leading drivers in UTV’s overall global strategies.

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The project has been shrouded in secrecy and R&D for 18 months, whilst it’s first official engine demo was part of Sony’s PS3 launch at E3 2006. Work at the studio is ongoing, but is being held, under wraps, for the time being, with major announcements due closer to TGS 2007.

"We’re delighted to be part of the UTV family, as this gives WarDevil the ability to cross many artistic and technical boundaries, become a leading IP for the PS3," comments Andy Whitehurst, Founder of Digi-Guys and Ignition’s Creative Director. "By focusing on cutting edge technology and fusing both games and movie technologies together, we’re able to create one of the first true hybrid projects that literally bridge the gap between the two mediums. It’s a very exciting time for everyone involved, as we continue to push back the boundaries to create a world beating IP."

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