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Sony denies PS3 delay. But...

by Bob Crabtree on 20 February 2006, 12:52

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Responding to the Merrill Lynch report we covered yesterday, Sony is denying that the launch of the PlayStation 3 will be delayed, according to The Seattle Times.

Trouble is, the ML report talked about delays to the Japanese and US launches but - judging by The Seattle Times piece - Sony spokesman Kei Sakaguchi has not commented about what's happening in the USA, saying only, "the plan to release the video-game console in Japan this spring has not changed".

Sony isn't being drawn on the cost to manufacture the PS3 and The Seattle Times fails to point out something we really should have spotted ourselves yesterday - that Merrill Lynch's bill-of-materials analysis for the PS3 actually totals $800, not $900 as the report states. Mind you, $800 still seems a scary amount to us.

That error, though, has been picked up by our eagle-eyed gaming team. Find out more in their HEXUS.gaming-headline - and don't forget to comment to the original HEXUS.community thread.

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