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BBC takes first look at Play TV, the PS3 exclusive TV tuner

by Steven Williamson on 14 February 2008, 10:25

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Set for Spring 2008 release

At some point this year Sony will launch Play TV, the PlayStation 3 exclusive TV tuner, similar to a normal Sky+ plus box, that lets you watch, record and rewind live TV.

According to wikipedia, PlayTV is a twin-channel DVB-T tuner peripheral with digital video recorder (DVR) software which allows users to record television programs to the PlayStation 3 hard drive for later viewing. Wi-Fi connectivity with a PSP allows for portable viewing of live or recorded television programming. Recorded programs can be transcoded and transferred via USB to the PSP for viewing programs on the go. The software features a 7-day electronic program guide for utilising the DVR features.

A trailer has already been doing the rounds online, but now the BBC has a first-look video, showing us how it will work:

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Nice.. so presumably you can still use the ps3 for gaming whilst it's recording TV?

Looks promising - assuming they get a remote out to go with it (using the controller looks nasty and doesn't have WAF).
still no clear answer on the “will it record when you're doing other things” question, then?
still no clear answer on the “will it record when you're doing other things” question, then?

According to the article that goes with the video BBC NEWS | | A blog about technology from BBC News | PS3 takes on Slingbox

“At the moment you can't record TV in the background while playing a game on the PS3 but I'm told the software developers are working hard to add the feature. If it isn't available at launch, the feature could be added later as a software update.”
are the games really not using the PS3 that fully right now? I know its hard to program for multi-cell proccessors but still… surely it should be maxed out.

I think the main plus for this, is using your PSP (if you somehow you weren't satisfied with a DS!) as a remote viewer. One nice win over the slingbox.
hey this could be really cool. but will the tv tuner allow me to input my digibox into it via its scart lead? if its just for freeview im not at all interested

ive just watched the video, freeview only, that sucks bigtime. you can get hdd freeview boxes easily enough already.