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Computex 2005: Add a screen to your PS2

by Nick Haywood on 2 June 2005, 00:00

Tags: PlayStation 2, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS2

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Computex 2005: Add a screen to your PS2

Computex 2005: Add a screen to your PS2

Game Cradle is one of those clever gizmos with features you’ve seen elsewhere on other products but never before all on the same thing. This is a cradle for your slimline PS2 that, when closed, is hardly any thicker than the original PS2.

The Game Cradle has a high quality 10.2” TFT, ideal for PS2 games and displays in 16:9 widescreen with built in stereo speakers. But where it gets clever is that the Game Cradle doesn’t just sit idle when you’re not playing as it is also able to accept cable or satellite TV signals, letting you use it as a normal telly as well. Other accessories include a car adapter for mobile play/movies using the PS2 as a DVD player and a remote control to save you having to shift off yer bum. Though not yet slated for release over here, we have it on good authority that it is coming and will br priced in the region of £200.

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Waste of time, Joytech have a similar 8" model out now thats less than £100 and unlike that, doesn't add any width to the slim line PS2 only a slight amount of height.
Is it a TV as well though?

Don't forget that the extra cost is in giving you a tv you can hook up to satellie or cable as well.
The above I linked to has inputs aswell and comes with a car power adaptor as standard. So yes to your question.
No, an AV input means you'll still need a tuner of ome variety whereas the Amacrox one has one built in… and it comes with an in-car power adapter too.
I know exactly what an AV input can do. My point is “accept cable or satellite TV signals” the Joytech can do that via its AV in. Its also very overally price. You can pick up portable DVD players with tuners.

Not exactly something that will sell that well.