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New PS2 confirmed this month for Japanese market

by Steven Williamson on 6 November 2007, 09:30

Tags: PlayStation 2, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), PS2

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Only yesterday, we reported on the rumour that a new PS2 is due to be launched in 2008 and today we hear that that a new PS2, model number SCPH-90000, is set to hit Japanese stores on November 22nd. The new PS2 is undoubtedly the model that we'll see in the US and UK early next year.

According to reports, it will retail at 16,000 yen (approx £65), the same price as the previous model and it will have a built-in power supply and will weigh in at 720g, 100 grams lighter than the latest PS2 model.

Sony will be hoping the new model will spur even more sales of the 7-year old machine and have forecasted to sell a further 12 million units between now and March.

It's widely expected that Sony will release the new PS2 at around $99 in the US.

Source :: Next-gen

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