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Pac-Man World 3

by Nick Haywood on 24 January 2006, 11:45

Tags: Pac-Man World 3, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), Platform

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Run around and munch some pills...

It’s an old joke, but I’ve got get it out or I’ll bust…. Ready?

Whoever said video games would influence gamers was wrong, I played Pac-Man loads when I was younger and do you see me running around in dark rooms popping pills and chasing ghosts… erm….

Celebrating Pac-Man’s 25th anniversary, EA are working on out Pac-man World 3. In a mad search for power, evil genius Erwin creates a machine that can penetrate into the world of the Ghosts.... the Spectral Realm! But now the Spectral Realm is collapsing into the real world, and this will bring about a massive catastrophe that will plunge the world into a state of devastation for years to come! Which is where you come in, I guess.

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After mysteriously having been transported out of Pac-Village and into this strange and different land, it is up to Pac-Man to uncover Erwin's plot and save the world. Along the way, Pac-Man will meet a host of unexpected 'old friends' and in order to defeat the ultimate enemy, he might just have to turn hid old foes into allies.

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