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E3 2006 : LIVE :: Battlefield 2142

by Nick Haywood on 16 May 2006, 08:50

Tags: Battlefield 2142 (PC), Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), FPS

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New stuff, 'cos it's in the future, right?

HEXUS.E3 Over on Electronic Arts’ stand we took a good long look at a whole range of titles, Battlefield 2142 being chief amongst EA’s key games.

Now, the big question is, have EA done anything different with the latest in the Battlefield series to justify buying this if you’ve got Battlefield 2? Arguably the original Battlefield 1942 was a flawed gem and Battlefield 2 addressed this with loads of new features and cracking team play (providing you found a server with unselfish team players).

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Battlefield 2142, it has to be said, feels very much like Battlefield 2 in the way it plays, but why shouldn’t it? It is the same style of game after all. The same interface is here along with the same VOIP system as Battlefield 2. The basic idea of the game is the same with two teams slugging it out over a map that’s dependant on the size of the teams playing.

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So why a new title? What’s in here for us that we haven’t got with Battlefield 2 or the Special Ops expansion pack? Well first and foremost has to be the new multiplayer mode called Titan. This perhaps needs some explaining and then you’ll see why this is a worthy addition to the game.

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So, the Titan in question is your dirty great mothership that hovers over the battlefield and can actually be flown about by whoever is commander for your side. The object of Titan maps is simply to destroy the other team’s Titan. But to do this combines a mixture of ‘King of the Hill’ and ‘Assault’ modes of multiplayer gaming.

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