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Nintendo's Q1 report: Wii and DS sales take a dive

by Steven Williamson on 3 August 2009, 17:02

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Sony isn't the only big videogame manufacturer to suffer from an awful first quarter. Nintendo also posted its earning's report showing that sales of Wii have dropped by 66 per cent compared to the same period last year.

While hardware sales of Wii dropped to 2.23 million units for the last quarter, software sales have also suffered and are down for the quarter from 40.41 million last year, to 31.07 million. Inevitably, DS sales have also suffered from the economic downturn. The report shows that 5.97 DS hand-helds were sold last quarter compared to 6.94 million last year. Still, lifetime sales of Wii currently stand at 52.62 million and the DS has sold a staggering 107.75 million.

Nintendo profits have fallen for the first time in four years and the company has predicted that it will suffer a 12% decrease in sales this fiscal year. There's no need to feel sorry for the Japanese company though, its net income may have decreased by over 60 percent for the quarter, but it still stands at a whopping $445 million.

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Shock, horror, they might actually have to drop the price of the Wii at last. Or the DS after about 5 years on the market.

BTW, I presume you meant this in millions:

5.97 DS hand-helds were sold last quarter
Is this because everyone has one now? :D

If there is a price drop, it'll sell out again at Christmas.