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Nintendo-like video service coming to Wii and DS

by Steven Williamson on 8 April 2009, 13:01

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Nintendo will launch a video service in Japan, but rather than go down the traditional on-demand service route it says that it will do things in a "Nintendo-like way."

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata spoke about the new service:

"We'll start the service in Japan, and if it does well, we'd like to take it overseas... You know how people today turn on the television every day to see what's on? Ultimately, I want the Wii to become like that, something that people will turn on even if they don't have a purpose in mind. We're not there yet though, and there are a lot of things we have to do to achieve that."

Iwata also suggested, although he doesn't sound entirely convinced, that users may also be able to download videos to the DS through the Wii.

"If the Wii and the DS are connected, it should be possible to download video through the Wii and take it with you on the DS," he said.

The mysterious video service will no doubt be revealed at a later date.