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More DSiWare games on the horizon

by Steven Williamson on 8 April 2009, 11:25

Tags: Nintendo DSi, Nintendo (TYO:7974), DSi

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The first sprinkling of DSiWare titles was released last Friday to coincide of the launch of Nintendo's new hand-held and today six new titles have been confirmed for release over the next few months.

European gamers can now download the following titles:

- Art Style: AQUITE - 500 Nintendo points
- Art Style: CODE - 500 Nintendo points
- Birds & Beans (Pyoro) - 200 Nintendo points
- Paper Plane - 200 Nintendo points
- WarioWare Snapped! - 500 Nintendo points
- Opera DSi browser - Free

The following DSiWare titles will be available shortly:

- A Little Bit of... Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: Maths Edition (Nintendo)
Train your brain with Dr Kawashima's new Nintendo DSiWare game, enhanced with Nintendo DSi features in the new Themes section. Use the inner camera to capture your impersonations, try your hand at illustrating and share them with friends later. Alternatively try out some new maths exercises and flex your brain.

- Art Style: Picopict (Nintendo)
An exciting action puzzle game using the Nintendo DSi Stylus and Touch Screen, moving colour pixels in order to build up pictures of classic NES Nintendo characters. With immersive 8-bit music and warm NES style graphics, you can experience a world where the old and the new coexist.

- Mighty Flip Champs (Wayforward Technologies)
In the exciting action/puzzler Mighty Flip Champs players control Alta on her journey to escape a stack of mazes which are displayed two at a time like pages of a book. By flipping though multiple Maze Pages, players can travel over, under and around obstacles in mind-boggling new ways as they search out their fellow Champs and ultimately the exit! But be warned! As each new maze slams into place, you'll either come one step closer to victory or be smashed to pieces!

- Mixed Messages (Vicarious Visions)
Mixed Messages is a unique and raucous pass along and play multi-player game for two to twenty-one players. Mixed Messages turns your Nintendo DSi into a canvas for creativity and social gameplay. Friends take turns writing sentences and drawing pictures with the Nintendo DSi. There are no winners and losers in Mixed Messages: it's all about having fun seeing what your friends create, and watching the message change with each player. Mixed Messages turns gameplay on its head, delivering a creative, humorous and truly unique multiplayer experience for hours of hilarious fun with your friends and family.

- Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity (Gameloft)
Evolve into the greatest Pop Superstar! The enthralling and interactive success story of a young hopeful in the music milieu evolving into the greatest pop star in the world! Talk, share activities and be friendly or unfriendly with numerous characters. Customise your character's name and appearance and develop skills and personality through your actions. There are 4 musical mini-games: Guitar, Singing, Drums, and Dance. Record your voice, take your own photos, and sign autographs! Two multiplayer modes for 2-4 players.

- Real Football 2009 (Gameloft)
Live the football season to the max with Real Football 2009 on Nintendo DSiWare. It will offer you a never-before-seen football experience with revolutionary yet accessible Touch Screen controls. Take photos of anything you want and turn them into your own custom ball, team flag or make yourself into your favourite player. With 198 teams using real players’ names, realistic opponent behaviors and advanced 3D graphics, you will feel like a real professional football player. Take your best shot!