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Archlord lands in Europe

Tags: Archlord, Codemasters, Xbox 360, PS3, Simulation

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Codemasters Online Gaming are pleased to announce that ArchLord has now officially released across Europe on October 6th. The ArchLord game service has now officially launched with retail boxes appearing across all key retailers in Europe.

Priced at £34.99 the full ArchLord game package also includes 30 days free play as part of the full retail package. Monthly subscriptions to the ArchLord game service are charged at £8.99.

As part of the official launch of ArchLord, Codemasters Online Gaming have also unleashed final details on the official race to become the games first crowned ArchLord! Announced today, all players entering into the game are inline to enter the competition to be crowned the games first all-ruling ArchLord and with it the lucky winner will be presented with an authentic suit of ArchLord armour worth in excess of $10,000!

As part of this epic race the winner will be flown to the UK where the game's first ruling ArchLord will be presented with this unique prize as part of an ArchLord coronation ceremony with the full details to be announced in the coming months.

ArchLord is the only MMO where one player can rise to become the games single supreme ruler. Whether the player chooses to rule as a benevolent leader or an evil despot, the achievement of attaining the status of supreme ruler of Chantra is deserving of something extravagant to symbolize such an accomplishment.

Ed Relf, Director of Marketing at Codemasters Online Gaming, commented:
“We are extremely happy to finally unveil the launch of the full ArchLord game service. After many months of hard work from all members of the Codemasters Online Gaming team and constant community feedback and support we are extremely pleased to now be able to launch the live service and look forward to welcoming our first players into the game”

It’s finally time to raise an army and rule the world by entering the full ArchLord game now! We'll have a full review next week.

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