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Hi-res video direct to your iPod and PSP

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Press release

Streaming Networks today announced at the Digital Life Holiday Press Preview, the availability of the new iRecord device. iRecord records video and audio directly onto Apple iPod digital players, Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), and USB storage devices in one touch.

“Until iRecord there was not a simple way for iPod or PSP owners to put video content, which they already owned, onto their players,” said Ayub Khan, Streaming Networks. “Now all consumers can easily move their favorite movies or TV shows to their iPod or PSP in one touch of a button. It’s just that simple!”

Prior to iRecord, consumers would have to go through several steps to move their favorite movie onto their iPod, including determining which video format to use, hooking up computer equipment to their home entertainment equipment, recording the video, converting the video and waiting the long transfer time to load the video from their computer to their iPod. iRecord reduces this process to one easy step. A consumer simply plugs in iRecord to their DVD player or other video source, starts the movie and hits iRecord’s record button. iRecord records what is being played on the TV in real-time. After the movie ends, simply disconnect the iPod and the video is instantly available to watch. Consumers use the same process to record movies or TV shows directly to the Sony PSP, any USB flash drive or USB hard drive.

iRecord records analog video and audio from any source with S-Video or RCA video and audio outputs, including DVD players, Video Game Consoles, TVs, TiVos, VCRs, or any cable/satellite set-top boxes.

iRecord encodes hi-quality H.264 video on-the-fly at the standard iPod resolution rate of 320x240. “The video quality of iRecord files is the best available on the iPod or PSP,” noted Khan, “the quality on the PSP is as good as a UMD disc, and on the iPod its as good as files purchased from iTunes.” iRecord’s additional features include the ability to record audio directly to many iPod models, including non-video iPods such as the Nano. iRecord offers a USB port so that it can be easily updated when new product features are made available. iRecord ships with a power adapter, video and audio cables, and user manual for price of US $199.99. iRecord is currently available for purchase at J&R Music World and at www.irecord.com.

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