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Free PSP downloads at GAME

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Press release

GAME will be offering free PSP downloadable content at several of its leading high street stores.

Beginning on Friday July 28 at the Oxford Street and Milton Keynes GAME stores, visitors will be able to download free content to their PSPs. Using PlayStation Spot, a variety of game demos, video content, movie trailers, music tracks, image galleries and more will be made available at participating GAME stores.

To access the content PSP owners will need to make sure the wireless switch is set to 'on' and then access the game sharing option from the PSP menu. Whatever you download is free, but unfortunately cannot be saved to a Memory Stick, and will only remain whilst the PSP is turned on.

To celebrate the launch of the new service, GAME in Crown Walk, Milton Keynes, is working with Sony to host a LocoRoco Funday. As well as having plenty of staff on hand to help new users get the hang of the service, a Ceramic White PSP with games is also being given away.

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