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Nintendo DS lite a huge success across Europe

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Press release

In its sleek new form, the Nintendo DS Lite hit stores across Europe on 23rd June, and since then has been snapped up by eager customers, with more than 200,000 units sold in the first ten days - proving the Nintendo DS Lite is the must have console of the summer!

The successful launch of Nintendo DS Lite and the huge success of Nintendo’s range of Touch! Generations games has secured Nintendo’s lead in the handheld market, with total sales of Nintendo DS now over 5 million in Europe.

“Nintendo DS has introduced thousands of new people to gaming and will continue to expand the gaming population due to its ability to appeal to both gamers and non-gamers. During Nintendo DS Lite launch weekend, retailers across Europe said that they had never seen such a vast array of different people buying the product, everyone from business men to young women to grandfathers!” said Laurent Fischer, European Marketing Director, Nintendo of Europe.

Nintendo’s Touch! Generations range, a selection of innovative software designed to appeal to people of all ages and gaming experience, is also a big hit across Europe. Following the recent launch of Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends, total sales of all Nintendogs software has now reached a staggering 3 million in Europe. Animal Crossing: Wild World has seen similar success, selling over 600,000 copies, as well as maintaining fourteen straight weeks in the top ten all format software chart in the UK since it launched at the end of March. There are also over 250,000 people across Europe now training their brains with Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?

With many more Touch! Generations games launching this year, including the just launched Big Brain Academy, Nintendo DS will continue to be the main driving force behind the expansion of the video game market this year.

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i love nintendo good on them, i hope they really slaughter sony
I'm getting one for the missus next month too :)
Am I right in thinking that the DS tends to slaughter the PSP over in Japan too?
Am I right in thinking that the DS tends to slaughter the PSP over in Japan too?

6:1 last week
Yesterday was my first chance to play on one, and I loved it.
Had a bash on Mario Bros for about half hour and had me almost parting with my money there and then - a truly brilliant game.
I’m just a little concerned that if I got one, there wouldn’t be enough games to fill my appetite.
The screen was a vast improvement over the original DS (which is the main reason I didn’t buy one previously)