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Tetris Evolution - Xbox 360

by Steven Williamson on 27 February 2007, 13:55

Tags: Tetris Evolution , THQ (NASDAQ:THQI), Puzzle

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Tetris Evolution features all-new gameplay modes, multiple customizations, and Xbox Live features that will have you hooked for hours!


* Play in single, multi-player, or in new multi-player LIVE modes.
* Customizable themes, skins, icons, and soundtracks set you apart from the rest.
* Tetriminos pop off the screen with intense HD graphics.
* Crush your opponent in an exhilarating battle with the newest Tetris features.

In Tetris Evolution, players will enjoy not only traditional Tetris gameplay but numerous new modes including “Go Low” and “Eraser” for both single and multiplayer. The multiplayer mode not only allows for up to four players on a single console, but players can now compete with up to four players via the Xbox Live online entertainment service. Contributing to the online experience are the new intelligent matchmaking system, which pits players against others within their skill level, as well as the online ladder system, which will enable players to track their overall skill level and accumulate Xbox Live achievement points to increase their Gamerscore. Tetris Evolution will allow players to take advantage of Xbox 360’s high-definition capabilities with intense graphics that make the Tetriminos appear to pop off the screen and more than a dozen high-definition background videos. The game will also feature customizable themes, skins, icons and soundtracks to create a personalized gaming experience.

Release date expected to be March 2007.

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is this an arcade game?
nah a full release,

tetris is brilliant online :) (speaking from DS experience here)