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A date with Ascaron and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Xbox 360 & PC

by Steven Williamson on 8 November 2007, 09:48

Tags: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Koch Media, Ascaron, PC, RPG

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A magical action RPG

I recently spent some time in the company of Ascaron, the developers behind the new action RPG, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. It wasn't that long ago since I got my ass spanked at the Games Convention in Leipzig in a custom-made multiplayer build of the game, but the difference this time around is that they’d brought along the Xbox 360 version, which they were showing me for the first time, as well as a new build of the PC single player game. Groovy!

By all accounts, the original Diablo-style Sacred had an excellent reputation amongst its largely European user base and the enthusiasm of the fans for a sequel has spurred the team to create a 3D enhancement of the original, with a brand new story-line, deeper character development, refined game mechanics and a huge free-roaming game world. Though I’ve never played Sacred myself, Ascaron tell us that Sacred 2: Fallen Angel brings everything that gamers enjoyed from the first game, expands on it and wraps it in a shiny next-gen blanket.

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There has been a bit of debate recently in the HEXUS.gaming forum as to how you actually define an action RPG. Well, in this context at least, Sacred 2 is a game that has RPG elements, including a questing system, levelling up process and character development, but it also focuses heavily on combat. In the game there are a wide variety of quests encouraging you explore the vast world earning extra armour, spells and the like through partaking in fetching quests or the rescue of fair maidens, but the majority of the gameplay revolves around fighting and slaughtering the likes of Goblin Warriors and vicious creatures and raising your level and skills so you can fight bigger baddies.

Read on you sexy beasts…