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Review: MoJo designer snooker cue

by Parm Mann on 22 April 2008, 10:50

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How's your MoJo?

Our MoJo cue came enclosed in a simple-but-smart looking case and once opened, you're presented with a super-smooth looking piece of equipment. The cue, featuring a 9-layer tip with 0.9cm diameter, has fittings made of titanium alloy and, according to MoJo, is impact and warp resistant.

In MoJo's own words, this particular cue is "made for the sophisticated, refined individual, a gorgeous colour and finish that speaks of taste". We're inclined to agree, it's about as slick a cue as I've seen, however, we'll let you judge for yourself:

The cue, packaged as two pieces, is assembled with a simple screw. A few turns and you're ready to go. When holding the cue, it feels well balanced and weighs a reasonable amount at the butt whilst being much lighter at the tip. MoJo tells us that the cue is constructed from aerospace-quality carbon fibre and wood technology, making for a perfect swing.

The top half of the cue features an ultra-smooth surface that you'll immediately notice when cueing. You won't experience any sticking and the cue glides across your hand. As a nice little extra, a rubber pad is attached to the butt, so you needn't worry about leaning on the cue.

We're already impressed, but it should be noted that MoJo does have optional extras available too. You can, if you so wish, have your name or a message engraved on your cue. Teams or groups can even have a custom emblem printed on their cues - we're contemplating adding a HEXUS 'X' to ours!