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Review: Cloverfield

by Parm Mann on 6 February 2008, 15:08

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All the hype you could ever need


With an advertising campaign that had users scouring the darkest corners of the Internet for any possible clues and information for the movie then titled 01-18-08, it'd be hard pushed to find anyone who doesn't know what Cloverfield entails. If however you've just returned from a year long trip on Mars, Cloverfield tells the tale of a monster attack in New York city.

On paper, Cloverfield only has the ingredients of another basic monster movie along the lines of 1998's Godzilla. We've seen monsters attack cities, New York in particular, on many occasions and though the monsters get bigger, the effects become more impressive and the one-liners become more gut-wrenching, they're often not much more than just average monster movies.

Cloverfield could have suffered the same fate, it features no big name stars, has no soundtrack and cost a relatively low $25 million to make. Yet somehow, backed by an ingenious marketing campaign and more hype than you can keep up with, it delivers a movie-going experience not to be missed.