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Review: Aigo MP-P750

by David Ross on 26 December 2004, 00:00

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It seems like no time ago at all that the mp3 player was strictly considered a 'geek toy'. Sure, a lot of the population had heard the term 'mp3' before, and knew vaguely what it meant, but tended to associate it with the twin evils of music piracy and Napster in its prime.

How times have changed - This Christmas, one of the must have gifts will be Apple's iPod, and the mp3 player has found its way into the collective conscience in the same way that digital cameras and DVD players have. Of course, the market for such players isn't all about Apple - They may be the 'must-have' name for 2004, but there are a whole host of other companies, big and small, vying to take a slice of this exciting new market and differentiate themselves from the market leader, be that by way of price or features. The contender we will be looking at here fights Apple's offering on both counts - Enter Aigo's MP-P750 - A sleek, 20Gb, hard disk based mp3 player, looking to catch the eye of anyone on the look out for such a device. How does it turn out? Let's take a peek.