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Preview - Dualit DAB/FM Kitchen Radio

by Bob Crabtree on 4 May 2006, 03:04

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Mighty meaty matey

We didn't have the wit to put the radio on our Boots own-brand kitchen scales (we're sure we'd have thought of it and taken a snap if they'd been Dualit-branded) but don't doubt the company when it says that it weighs 2.55kg. Nor would we argue with its claim that this is "a reassuringly solid product with a high-quality feel".

Thanks to the cast aluminium front and rear and a chunky aluminium handle, that was precisely the impression we got - once we'd rigged up a winch and pulley and lifted the radio out of its box. Nah, only jokin, two of us did it without any mechanical aids! We're not kidding, though, when we say the radio's no midget - it measures 180(w)x135(h)x27.5(d)mm and dwarfed another DAB radio we'll be reviewing shortly, PURE's Tempest-1XT.

Dualit DAB/FM Kitchen Radio - box

The Dualit model we received was an all-black affair and has a sort of belly-band of soft rubbery material covering the top, sides and bottom that - forgive us for saying so - has a rather sensuous feel to it. Two other finishes will be available. One will have the same black band but with a polished aluminium front and back, the other, which we've not seen yet, will be cream - on the front and back we figure - and presumably also have a black bellyband.

Of the three, the black-and-polished-ali version is likely to be the best match for most of the company's smalls - as we think the three PR shots directly below show - and it's also the one we reckon will look the smartest.

Dualit DAB/FM Kitchen Radio

Dualit Large Dome kettleLarge-dome kettle

Dualit toasterToaster

Credit for the claimed audio quality is largely given to what's described as a "high-performance" 8W/4in speaker, working together with a bass-reflex port to create, "a rich, clear and rounded sound". And, the bass port - venting at the bottom of the radio - is a decent size, though not so big you could get a fist in.

Dualit DAB/FM Kitchen radio - base

There is plenty of volume and, even at max output, little or no distortion. This reviewer reckons he's got cloth ears - so isn't well equipped to get all lyrical and mysterious like hi-fi reviewers do (These glutinous sub-tremblers are orgasmic and indubitably mayonnaisey, though not without a hint of cinnamon - you know the sort of thing).

That said, the sound also seemed just fine to everyone else who got the chance to listen while the radio was with us - and rather better than that of the PURE Tempest-1XT. Mind you, the DAB-only Tempest does sell for half the price and no one could reasonably claim it only sounds half as good as the Dualit or has half the features.