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Adult Entertainment Expo 2009: blondes, bosoms and booty

by Tarinder Sandhu on 10 January 2009, 03:35

Tags: avn.com

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Pictures I

How many of the gals do you recognise?

The lass, above, is pretty famous in the States, so I was told. Can you put a name to the star who normally has black hair and a trademark gap in her front teeth?

Who let Sarah Palin into the expo? I'm not sure she'd fit through the White House's doors had John McCain won. Also, who said the US doesn't have ample assets?

She'll do anything for a Pioneer Kuro 5090LX, let me tell you. She was boring me with tales of just how great the black levels were and just how perfect the colour-balance was, but I told her to wait for the next-generation Samsung LCD TVs; they're better. After hearing such propitious news, the top came off!

The top's a bit small, love: get on that treadmill!

What a sight! A bottle of water is just the ticket when you've been walking the showfloor all day. Bliss.