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D-Link DSM-510 Viiv-certified HD network media player

by Bob Crabtree on 20 December 2006, 16:44

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The news

D-Link now has available in the USA and Canada a second network media player that allows PC-based high-definition video to be enjoyed on HD TV sets. The DSM-510 High-Definition Media Player - $240 from D-Link's online store - can connect using 802.11g/b wireless for stills, music and standard-res video but requires Ethernet cabling or fast (200Mpbs) mains-borne networking for high-def.

The newcomer is selling alongside the similarly-priced DSM-520 and, though the two feature-sets are similar (DSM-510 specs; DSM-520 specs), there are difference, perhaps the most significant being size.

The 510 is petite. Weight is just 273g and it measures 145mm wide and 140mm from front to back. In contrast, the 520 weighs closer to 2.5kg and is far bigger - 425(w) x 295(d)mm - presumably so that it can sit inconspicuously among hi-fi separates under the TV set.

However, according to D-Link, the headline feature of the DSM-520 is its Viiv compatibility.

D-Link says,

The DSM-510 received Intel Viiv technology verification, which tests the compatibility of networked media devices with Intel Viiv technology-based PCs. Using the Intel Viiv technology verified DSM-510, consumers will get maximum enjoyment out of their digital home entertainment network, including access to the Intel Viiv Zone, which offers a growing selection of on-demand, Internet-delivered premium content, including movies, music videos, TV shows, and information services.

A single HDMI port is fitted to each model, as are outputs for composite video and analogue/optical audio and a USB port for "instant access to music, photos, and videos stored on removable USB flash drives, digital cameras and portable music and video players".

We think that the USB port could also be used for hard disk drives but nothing we can see on D-Link's site says this is the case.

Naturally, there's more room round the back for socketry on the 520 and this has additional outputs for component video, co-axial digital audio and S-video.

D-Link DSM-510 High-Definition Media Player

D-Link DSM-520 High-Definition Media Player
... and its big bruv, the DSM-510

There's no clue yet when the DSM-510 will be available in the UK but big bruv is already on sale with online outlets, such as Misco, for under Ā£195, including VAT, so we'd hope that the little 'un will be around the same price or less.

So, do either take your fancy or are there other media player you'd prefer? Such as, perhaps, the Evesham iplayer, which is built into a Freeview personal video recorder?

Let us know in this thread in the HEXUS.lifestyle.new forum but do first check out D-Link's DSM-510 press release on page two and the specs of its two HD media players.


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