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Gamers get 900 Megabit broadband from just £22 per month

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G.Network is giving all new customers the chance to experience the benefits of a symmetrical, full-fibre 900 Megabit connection, from as little as £22 per month. 

From today, any residential customer signing up to G.Network will be automatically upgraded to a symmetrical 900 Megabit per second (Mbps) connection for the first three months of their contract, regardless of which tariff and speed they choose. The package comes with no data limits.

For new residential customers, this means that they can experience a 900 Mbps connection for as little as £22 per month. 

In addition, G.Network today launches a satisfaction guarantee. Any new customer can cancel their contract within the first three months with no penalty or extras to pay. 

“Gaming can be a maddening experience without the right broadband connection,” commented David Sangster, G.Network Chief Operating Officer. “Most broadband connections in the UK just weren’t designed for today’s games. So for the first three months customers are with us, we want to show them what a full fibre connection is capable of.”

“They’ll see that full fibre connections usually mean lower latency and less lag, regardless of what they’re playing or who else is using the broadband at the same time.”

According to Ofcom’s 2019 “Connected Nations” report, only 10% of the country can access full-fibre connections. All other connections rely at least in part on copper-based wiring, some of which has been in the ground for decades. This includes connections that are advertised as “superfast fibre” or “ultrafast fibre”.

The UK comes 35th out of 38th for the number of fibre connectivity according to the OECD - despite being the world’s fifth biggest economy.

The speed upgrade is offered for three months from the customer’s go-live date. At the end of this period, the customer will automatically revert to their chosen speed when they signed up, unless they choose to stay on a 900 Mbps tariff. 

If customers choose a £22 / month tariff, their speed will revert to 150Mbps download/50 Mbps upload after the three-month period.

All G.Network packages come with unlimited data, a free Wi-Fi router. Residential customers also pay no connection charge. 

This offer can only be redeemed once per customer. The offer will apply to all new connections from 11 May, for a limited period. 

G.Network teams are able to continue installation into business and residential properties during the Coronavirus outbreak. However, they are asking customers to confirm, in person and in writing, that there is nobody in the property who is unwell before entering. All are following social distancing guidelines and have been given appropriate PPE.

About G.Network:

G.Network is a full fibre broadband connectivity provider. The company is currently installing brand new fibre optic connections directly to residents and businesses in boroughs across London. And the company is stepping up activity to upgrade more streets and connect more premises than ever before.

Once G.Network infrastructure is installed, residents and businesses are able to access 100% fibre connections with guaranteed download / upload speeds and rock-solid reliability. In many cases, installation into a customer’s premises can be done within 48 hours, subject to wayleave agreements. The full fibre service is priced at a similar cost to current copper-based services. 

We work alongside councils, landlords, businesses and residents to ensure we minimise disruption and improve connectivity where there is no full fibre infrastructure.