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QOTW: Are you happy with your broadband provider?

by Parm Mann on 20 July 2012, 16:30

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The days of dial-up connections and overnight downloads are long gone, folks. Today, eight out of 10 people in the UK have access to the Internet, and according to communications regulator Ofcom, the nation's average broadband speed is a healthy 7.6Mbit/s.

The stats are incredible; 50 per cent of UK adults now use social-networking sites at home, on average each household owns three different types of internet-enabled device, and in January 2012 the average amount of time Internet users spent online through a laptop or desktop was 24.6 hours per month - more than double the amount of time users spent online in January 2004.

We're a nation of Internet addicts, it seems, and that makes the quality of our Internet service provider all the more important. There has been plenty of discussion over how advertised speeds compare to real-world performance, and with varying costs, contract-lengths and packages, choosing the right provider has become a crucial decision.

So this week's Question of the Week is a simple one; are you happy with your current broadband provider? Let us know in the comments below.

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Short answer - no, I'm not happy with BT 2mb, long answer - No no no no, I'm very unhappy because every building around us has 40MB+ fibre and they decided not to upgrade our cabinet (a building of 70 or so flats), when I call to complain… I'll leave it there, calling BT is what it is…
Extremely happy with performance. But despise contacting them to handle any faults, they're slow, stupid, and useless. I have to break every problem down for them, and even then they literally take months to handle *anything*, and after their bout of extreme procrastination, in the end they still get it wrong. I'd feel very sorry for any Joe Public who comes along and doesn't know the first thing about networking. Their customer support is nothing short of contemptible.
I'm extremely happy with Plusnet. I get a fairly steady 93 mbit/s from their fttp service and they don't charge overcharge for it.

All my interactions with customer service have been professional.
Am I happy? Absolutely not.
I can say I am happy. I am with UPC in Ireland and all goes to plan so far. No limits, no worries and easy to talk to customer service. If needed engineer calls out in just few days and all sorted. Very reasonable pricing too. I do need to upgrade my wireless or get the mains thingy though..