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HEXUS.community round-up, by Knoxville!

by John Layland on 21 September 2009, 11:17


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Knoxville's HEXUS.community round-up!

How do you update your BIOS? - First up this week, BIOS update, two words that strike fear and panic into the hearts of men everywhere in a way only a scorned woman or the last bell before closing time can match. Personally I don't dare update mine at least not without a sacrificial lamb or two on standby just in case. HEXUS members on the other hand know no fear apparently and have no trouble sharing their preferred methods now that floppy discs have faded into obscurity.

Why is drug liberalisation so hard to sell politically? - The war on drugs is still being won by people who rarely leave the comfort of the smokey haze that surrounds their sofa for anything short of a Kit-Kat so why is drug liberalisation/decriminalisation such a hard sell for politicians the world over? As always there are some HEXUS members willing to add their opinions and an interesting link or two to the debate making JPreston's thread a very informative read.

DSLR Advice - Ready to make the jump from SLR to DSLR but don't fancy walking into a shop with cash in your hand not knowing what all your options are? Barakka's thread in photography could save you a fair bit of time and money. You need never look clueless in Jessops again!

The 2009 "What's hot & what's not" Chilli sauce roundup. - More culinary delights from the HEXUS.hotpot this week, this time though it's something a little spicier as secret chilli growers 0iD and Moby-Dick along with a few other members sort the hot from the not so hot to find out what's the best chilli sauce to reach for when something needs a little extra pep.

H3XU5.LAN - 20/21/22nd November 2009 - Uttoxeter - With the annual Bletchley Park meet only just over a month away you'd think that'd be all the fresh air and socialising the average keyboard warrior would need to get them through the cold winter months but HEXUS.social Co-ordinator extraordinaire tiggerai has already got another LAN planned for November. So if, like many of us you fancy getting out of the house for the weekend, meeting some HEXUS members and getting some gaming in at the same time then go and add you name to the list in the HEXUS.social forum.

What is the strangest food you have eaten? - Many of us have seen D-list celebs dine on all manner of nasty things over the years courtesy of reality television but what's the strangest thing you've ever eaten? Snails perhaps? maybe even the ostrich burger or two I'll wager but never some of the weird and in some cases disturbing sounding dishes our members admit to having eaten in simonw's thread.


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H3XU5.LAN - 20/21/22nd November 2009 - Uttoxeter

:woowoo: thank you Mr. Knoxville
Ditto - thankyou…