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Knoxville's HEXUS.community round-up!

by Nick Haywood on 28 August 2009, 22:07

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Safety While Building PC - Safety first in the HEXUS round up this week, building your own PC for the first time can feel a little risky but it's really very easy. Varmint's thread is full of simple hints and tips to get you started with your first build and avoid any nasty mistakes.

iphone, android or windows mob? - starbuck is after a new Smartphone over in the mobile forums but can't decide which OS will suit him best, as always though on HEXUS.net there's some members ready to jump in and lend their opinions on what Smartphone OS is easiest to live with on a day to day basis.

How much would YOU consider spending on a good router? - A great many of us spend quite a bit of money every year on high speed Internet connections but how much money are you willing to lay down on a router? I'd never really thought about it myself but Zak33's thread has got me thinking it might be time to upgrade from my old Belkin router and make the most of my connection.

Bournemouth Air Fest 2009 - lots of pics! - Resident photographer [http://forums.hexus.net/members/bobster.html"]Bobster[/URL] must have grabbed himself a good spot at last weekends Bournemouth Air Festival because the pictures he's posted in the photography are a sight to behold. I'm not sure how he does it but point your browser in his threads direction and check out his shot of a P-51D Mustang in action it's truly beautiful.

Real power draw of a PC, post your results. - Ever wondered just how much power your PC uses during the average gaming session compared to when it's idle? Nelly's thread is an interesting read and I'm very curious to see what results appear as more and more people add their findings. If you've got ten minutes spare and a energy meter why not add your results to the list?

Meatballs! - The clue's in the title really, meatballs are the topic of discussion as megah0's meatball recipe brings all the girls to the yard in HEXUS.hotpot and damn right they are meatier than yours!

Distributed Computing - Finally I think the guys on the HEXUS folding@home team deserve a special mention. Lowe hit a big milestone this week breaking through the ten million point barrier and not to be outdone 0iD and TAKTAK quickly followed suit by clocking up their first million each leaving the HEXUS.net team ranked 139th in the world. Congratulations guys!

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