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Knoxville's HEXUS.community round-up

by Nick Haywood on 23 August 2009, 10:52

Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qatm4

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Did one of your threads light his fire?

CrossfireX vs SLIQuad - Self confessed overclocking junkie laywill wants to know who rules supreme in the quad SLI arms race, ATI or nVidia? The boffins in the hardware forum don't leave him jonesing long thankfully and they don't just stop at the who but get into the reasons why as well making this thread a very interesting read.

Your FireFox plug-ins.... - There's thousands of different FireFox plug-ins out there to be downloaded and Andehh's thread is full of useful suggestions from fellow HEXUS members, why no go and add a couple of your own to the list?

Lowering the carbs? - Loosing weight can be a touchy subject, especially on the internet where the slightest mention of dropping a few pounds can leave your inbox bloated with spam. There's no placebos or misinformation in DannyM's thread though, just good advice for anyone looking to drop a few pounds and get a little fitter before beach season's well and truly over.

Networking my House - Clueless over whether you should go for Cat5 or Cat6 cable? Don't know your switches from your hubs? s_kinton's thread is the perfect place to start if you're thinking about setting up a home network but need a little advice to get you started.

Old games that would be awesome remade - MSIC started a really good thread last week in gaming where we all got a bit nostalgic and fantasized over classic games we'd love to see remade now. Personally I'm still dreaming of the day Capcom release Powerstone for XBLA, I wonder what's keeping them?

PHD Cat Walk... strut your stuff here guys - What makes every male member of HEXUS go a little pink once a year? Pink Handbag Day! Go check out some of the stylish numbers we flaunted on the forums this year and you might learn a little about the mysterious origins of PHD on HEXUS while you're at it. See you all on the catwalk next year!

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dotcha just lurve Knox :) ?

I do :)
dotcha just lurve Knox :) ?

I do :)

i don't.

making me change my signature every week just to keep up with whats going on.

its too much work.:censored:

Personally, I think its a great idea! It gets people into the forums (myself included) and brings them into the Hexus community.

Also, in the case of this week's “networking my house” piece, it applies directly to me. I have thus been encouraged to take a read, with it being a certainty that I will be wiring my place up soon too! LINK

Nice one Knox :bowdown:
Cheers guys :)
still no LAN mention, you under instructions knoxville? its this week and everything