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Knoxville's HEXUS.community round-up

by Nick Haywood on 5 August 2009, 17:08

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Welcome to this week's HEXUS.community round up. Every week we dig deep into the forums and pick some of the more interesting threads to see what's got our members talking.

"i7 Overclocking for Beginners" - Want to get the most out of your brand new i7 kit but don't know your CPU multiplier from your Vcore voltage? nightkhaos's pretty much foolproof guide to overclocking Intel's i7 920 processor over in the Hardware forums should make for perfect bedtime reading.

"How long do you intend to keep your Q6600 until??" - Not everyone can afford to make the jump to Intel's i7 platform yet and in this thread our members look ahead and see what AMD and Intel have in development and try to work out how long they should wait before thinking about that expensive CPU upgrade.

"Buckcherry @ Wulfrun 31st july 2009" -
Photography is getting more and more popular as a hobby every day and no matter what your skill level the HEXUS.photography forums have always got some interesting threads to cast your artistic eye over. This week it was mmh's turn to steal the limelight as he snuck into the photographers pit for a set from hard rock legends Buckcherry and got some great pictures for his efforts.

"How are you ARMA2 noobs finding it ?" - ARMA 2 is quickly becoming more popular than even COD4 here on HEXUS.net so Zak33 and a few other members decided to put down their ammo belts and camo webbing for a little while and get into the basics of ARMA 2 online in this n00b friendly thread.

"List of DRM-Free PC Games" - The lads over in the gaming forums put their heads together and started putting together a list of DRM free PC games for those of you that don't like DRM software on your system. Why not go add a game or two to the list yourself?

"Sci-Fi reading in the 21st century?" - Who said print is dead? Resident beardy weirdy 0iD is after some new Sci-fi books to rekindle his love of the genre so if you've got a suggestion or you're after something new to read yourself I highly recommend you beam down into General discussion and give this thread a look.

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noob friendly :)

love it :)
You've stuck an extra L on the end of the Buckcherry link, its busted as is :)
Fixed :)