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The Commandos : Interview

by Steven Williamson on 29 May 2006, 11:29

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Battle The Commandos

HEXUS.gaming hooked up with the three commandos, Edmond D, Tony S, and Jose M after the thrilling finale of the 'N-Gage Arena Battle the Commandos Tournament' to discover how being involved in real life conflicts can help in the gaming arena and ,of course to ask the crucial question, do they prefer Top Gun or Days of Thunder?

Over the course of three weeks gamers fought head to head on Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands culminating in a grand finale where they competed against these three commandos in a fierce battle of survival.

Their Special Forces training and knowledge of flanking maneovres came in extremely handy whilst playing Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands.

Tony S, Ex-legion 1 para and 22 SAS

Edmond D, Special Operations

HEXUS: Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. We'll start of with a few simple questions. Can you tell us your background? Which Special Forces did you serve with? What was your rank?
Jose : 20 years among Special Operations and Protective missions.
Edmond : French Foreign Legion and Royal Military Police, British Army. Rank Corporal.
Tony S : UK Special Forces, 22 SAS,British Parachute Regiment, 1st Battalion,2nd Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment

HEXUS: So do you have a particular speciality?
Jose : Sniper, Combat Diver, Parachutist, LRP...
Edmond : Close Protection.
Tony S Counter Revolutionary Warfare Operator, evasive Driving, close Quarter Battle , sniper,residential and Embassy Security Assessment, boat Handling, mountain, Artic and Desert Warfare and nuclear, biological and chemical warfare.

HEXUS:Blimey! You must have been involved in some pretty intense campaigns, can you give us a specific example of an operation that you were involved with, and your role in that campaign?
Jose : NO sir.
Edmond : The last Operation in Iraq as Convoy Leader.
Tony S : I cant reveal detail but lets say I have been on covert operations in Northern Ireland, The balkans, sierra leone, Afgantistan.

HEXUS: What sorts of technology you have used in thesemissions?
Jose : Advanced technology. Vision and optics devices, laser telemeters, Kirby helmet and Viking suits, squad sat communications,amongst other things.
Edmond : Due to still being a Reserve in The Royal Military Police, I am unable to answer that question as I still come under The Official Secrets Act.
Tony S : Laser guided missile control- ground to air, Crypted communication, gps and covert camera equipment

HEXUS: Let's move onto the game itself. Is the technology used in Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands consistent with current military technological advancements?
Jose : From Second World War to nowadays is just the more advanced changes in the combat arena, in add to tactics and procedures.
Edmond : The game is fantastic because in our times of Star Wars technology, it is still the Grunt on the ground that counts.
Tony S : Not really, pathway to glory is WW2 based and progress has been made since then.

HEXUS: How accurately do you think Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands portrays special operations missions?
Jose : It portrays just the same type of mission that in II WW were developed.
Edmond : After playing the game and visiting the library, I would say VERY accurate.
Tony S : Some of the scenarios are specific to special operation during WW2

HEXUS: So what would be your favourite aspect of Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands?
Jose : It is dynamic and you have to think in many aspects at the same time.
Edmond : The graphics are VERY detailed.
Tony S : Using my snipers!

HEXUS: And what lessons if any have you brought to the game from your Special Forces days?
Jose : To protect your own team and your own flanks covering all possibilities and area of responsibilities by each member.
Edmond : Do not break the rules or cut corners, if you are not sure about something take your time and check it out.
Tony S : I really cant compare the two. However, I certainly used fire and manouvre, and fires and support tactics during the game, minimised my equipment and chose weapons specific to the task.

HEXUS: What are your strengths and weaknesses in the game?
Jose : Global vision and .... In anyway, really, it will be difficult for my enemy.
Edmond : Each mission is accompanied by a very impressive introduction; beautifully rendered pictures accompany a briefing delivered by the Boss. Not just in text but actually scripted dialogue. Sound wise the game is also utterly superb; the weapons sound great, and most actions are accompanied by feedback. Now the only weaknesses are I personally do not know anybody who has played it
Tony S : Not quick enough with the controls!!

HEXUS: Are any of the events in the game close to any of your real-life experiences?
Jose : May be...
Edmond : Actually a lot of it I can relate to, as the action is more Guerrilla Warfare like.
Tony S : Not really, things have changed since WW2, the whole battle field is different.

HEXUS: What are your feelings about war games in general? Do you think they glorify violence or are they harmless fun?
Jose : Harmless fun.
Edmond : These games are just fun.
Tony S : I think young people can get an unrealistic view of what real life combat experience is, when it is real people and real lives and your own, it is a sobering experience.

The computer game America’s Army was aimed at luring new recruits to the U.S army. Do you feel these type of tactical war games are good experience for the ‘real thing’, and should they be used in this way?

HEXUS: The computer game America’s Army was aimed at luring new recruits to the U.S army. Do you feel these types of tactical war games are good experience for the ‘real thing’, and should they be used in this way?
Jose : It a very good way to implement and improve the skills needed for the difficult change to real war.
Edmond : Yes; for example, it will give the young women and men some theory practice in cover and concealment tactics before moving on to the field or getting used to orders.
Tony S : If it gets people through the gates to recruitment then why not, recruitment can be a hard issue and soldiers need to be found.

HEXUS: Do you have any advice for those gamers who play Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands?
Jose : Be careful and think slowly.
Edmond : Your common sense is your best weapon.
Tony S : Yeah...dont take me on in real life!

HEXUS: We'll second that!