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BEAST Computers rescued by Wired2Fire

by Scott Bicheno on 9 January 2009, 15:37

Tags: Beast Computers, Wired2fire

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Number’s up for BEAST

Just as Sunderland-based BEAST Computers looked like it was building some momentum, today's harsh economic realities appear to have caught up with it and its assets have been sold to another system builder.

Just before Christmas the contact details on BEAST's website were changed to refer people fellow gaming system builder Wired2Fire. To date there has been little information on the status of BEAST Computers, but managed to catch up with one of the owners of Wired2Fire to find out what's going on.

Peter George told us that he heard BEAST might be in trouble at the beginning of last December and sent an email to BEAST owner Adam Taylor to ask if he needed any help. Taylor explained the situation and before long Wired2Fire had bought the BEAST brand, website and database from holding company Cybedia.

Cybedia, which holds whatever outstanding debt BEAST owes, including warranties and unfulfilled orders, is now in the process of moving into administration, George understands. He believes there are only a couple of unfulfilled orders.

So that just leaves the warranties. George stressed that Wired2Fire is under no legal obligation to take on BEAST warranties, but is attempting to support the BEAST install base regardless in the hope of generating goodwill, and hopefully return business, from BEAST customers.

It looks like Wired2Fire is dealing with BEAST customers on a case-by-case basis, but is trying to offer as much free technical support as possible. Phone support is free as will labour be on simple repairs. For more complex jobs George said they have to cover their costs and people will have to meet the cost of shipping their PCs to Wired2Fire themselves.