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Bing better for ad clicks says study

by Sylvie Barak on 11 December 2009, 08:54

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), AOL (NYSE:AOL)

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Bing me more ad money

Google may be king of search engines, but it would appear Bing gives advertisers more bang for buck, with search-based online ad network, Chitika, claiming surfers are more likely to click on Bing's ads than on Google's.

Another report by market research outfit Vic Consulting adds that not only are Bing visitors more likely to click on adds, but also tend to visit other pages linked on the page they're visiting, spend more time on the website they're visiting, and have a 52 per cent lower bounce rate.

According to Chitika, click-through rate for Bing is also significantly higher than Google's by a whopping 75 per cent, up from 50 per cent six months ago and Bing visitors visit 56 per cent more pages than Google users.




What can be hypothesized from these results is that it's probably the more web savvy user who goes for Google, whereas those who still refuse to do away with their old Hotmail account - opened sometime back in 1995 - are more likely to use Bing and click on ads.